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Liechtenstein Life

By reassessing Liechtenstein Life's brand and aligning it with contemporary design standards, we have not only transformed their image but also invited the younger generation to educate themselves about their financial future and make informed decisions about insurance.




Project Type

Branding, UI / UX, Stationary


UX/UI Designer


Liechtenstein Life Rebranding: A Modern Approach to Insurance

Liechtenstein Life, a leading insurance company, approached us to revamp their brand and digital presence to better align with today's design standards and attract the younger generation. Our goal was to reevaluate their current standing in the industry, identify areas for improvement, and establish new guidelines that would make insurance more accessible and engaging for the younger demographic.


Liechtenstein Life faced several challenges:

Outdated Branding: The company's branding felt traditional and disconnected from modern design trends, making it less appealing to younger consumers.

Complex Information: Insurance can be intimidating and confusing, especially for those new to it. Liechtenstein Life's existing materials were dense and difficult to navigate.

Lack of Engagement: Younger generations often overlook insurance as a relevant topic. We needed to find ways to make it engaging and educational.


We recognized the need to modernize Liechtenstein Life's brand identity. Our solution involved crafting a new visual identity that exuded contemporary appeal while retaining the company's core values of trust and reliability.

Our Role / Responsibilities

Research, UI design, Brand identity

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Understanding the Insurance Landscape

Being an insurance company in today’s market isn’t easy. Those operating in one of the most highly regulated industries know all too well that buying insurance doesn’t usually excite the consumer. Our task therefore was to create a visual identity that pulls indivduals in and negates the skepticism, indifference and distrust that traditionally has been a likely attitute with their products.

Focus Areas

Market Analysis: We conducted a thorough examination of existing insurance products and services to identify trends, gaps, and opportunities within the industry.


User Interaction with Insurance: To comprehend how users interact with insurance products, we delved into user behaviors, including how they research, purchase, and manage their insurance policies.


User Pain Points: We engaged in extensive user interviews and surveys to uncover the pain points and frustrations experienced by individuals when dealing with insurance.


Essential Features: Our research aimed to determine the essential features that users expect when navigating insurance-related matters.


Surveys were distributed to discern the target audience's perceptions of insurance, their information preferences, and design expectations.

User Interviews

Following the survey phase, we conducted in-depth interviews with 5 participants to gain a deeper understanding of their pain points, frustrations, needs, and desires in the realm of insurance. Here are three notable quotes from these interviews:

Key Takeaways

Users often rely on a combination of tools and platforms to navigate insurance, showcasing the need for a consolidated, user-centric solution.


Customization options are highly valued by users, emphasizing the importance of tailoring insurance products to individual preferences.


Existing insurance products in the market may lack desirable features and a modern, trustworthy feel, offering an opportunity for Liechtenstein Life to stand out.


Similar to the restaurant finding example, mapping features play a crucial role in the user's journey when exploring insurance options.


Users prefer a curated experience with streamlined information, as too much information can be overwhelming.


Irrelevant or generic suggestions are seen as impersonal and can clutter the user interface; users value effective filtering tools to refine their search.

Competitive & Comparative Analysis

Competitive analysis was conducted to identify competitor's strengths and weaknesses to inform Liechtenstein Life's features and information structure.


Carving out a niche in a saturated market

After conducting user interviews, all the participants responses were synthesized to identity themes, opportunities, and features that Liechtenstein Life could focus and improve upon.


A persona was built based on the data collected to help drive decision making and keep the product focused on solving users pain points, frustrations, and goals.


Cooking up a better experience

In the "Ideate" phase of the Liechtenstein Life rebranding project, our goal was to generate creative ideas and concepts that would form the foundation of the design process. This phase is crucial for brainstorming innovative solutions that address the identified challenges effectively.

Site Map

A clear and well-structured site map is essential for guiding users through the digital product efficiently. In the context of Liechtenstein Life, our focus was on creating a simple and intuitive information structure that made it easy for users to find the information and tools they needed.

Low-Fidelity Prototypes

Following the initial sketches, we progressed to the creation of low-fidelity prototypes. These prototypes are simplified, stripped-down versions of the final product, focusing on core functionality and structure.

High-fidelity Designs

A usability study was conducted to determine where improvements could be made and identify new ideas to satisfy user expectations, needs, and desires.

Pain Points

Unclear Source of Information


Emphasis on Information Over Clarity


Emphasis on Irrelevant suggestions made it difficult to find type of Insurance ratings

New Ideas

Color Differentiation for Suggestions and Saved Insurance


Simplified Content and Sharing


Delightful Information Save Confirmation


This rebranding project has positioned Liechtenstein Life as a forward-thinking insurance company ready to meet the needs of today's consumers.